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I hear the music that is not


It will resonate for always

because it lives within me,

in my soul.

from The Infinite in me words and music by Pina Magri

  Pina has been writing songs since she was a child. She composes on the piano and her style ranges from classical poetic to pop, soul, R&B, and dance.
  In Italy, the magazine Famiglia Cristiana upon release sold three hundred thousand copies of the CD compilation "Guarda le mie mani" Italian artists for Africa. The CD features 16 songs of famous Italian artists including the song "Nell'anima" written and sung by Pina - original text on her own musical elaboration of Bach's Air for the G string:

...If rivers are born from the snows,

and strength from sorrow grows

and it seems that sense has faded

into nothingness, love can be given,

great love, perhaps incomprehensible,

though no less real... Nell'anima poetic translation

  Pina Magri aka Julie Rush composed soul-dance CDs: Sunshine of your love and Hypnotized with Smilax Records and Ibiz Night Records. Pina is also the lyricist and singer.